Bigfork Summer Playhouse – Peyton Tucker – Actor

Peyton Thomas Tucker is from Manassas, Virginia.  He went to school in Tallahassee, Florida. In his own words he says, “I am exactly who I am, and I have yet to find someone quite like me. Not so much that I would say I am a one of a kind individual, but I am just way different than most.” Tucker plays Harold Hill in “The Music Man,” Old Joe Boyd in “Damn Yankees,” Ensemble/Ripper in the “High School Musical,” and the Detective/Ensemble in the show “9 to 5 – The Musical.” Tucker has worked at The Lost Colony, and the Grey Ghost Theatre Company. What Peyton likes about theatre is “Getting to share an ephemeral experience with people that can take them away from reality and transport them to a place where they can get lost in a story.”

For the short term, Tucker is hoping to book work for the Fall and the rest of the year, either touring or in regional theatre. Later,  he hopes to have a strong base in NYC with an agent consistently working for him in 10 years.

Tucker started doing musical theatre in 9th grade but got serious about it the Summer before his senior year. He attended FSU and has recently graduated with his Bachelors in Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. He has worked several places as explained above, and has staged reading including dance concerts, an opera, and a collaborative piece called Asddier’s Table.

Tucker loves the education and growth he gets from the Bigfork Summer Playhouse, professionally and in his personal life. Also, because the Thomsons  are heading the playhouse, he says, “It’s like coming home to family.”

In his free time, Peyton likes to play baseball, likes to hike, likes to camp, and volunteers at the fire department.

We asked Tucker what he would say if he could sum up his life in a sentence and he said, “Dreaming the impossible, while maintaining that certain panache.” We also asked him if he had a personal quote and this is what he said: “Maddest of all is to see life as it is rather than as it should be.”

After his experience here at the playhouse, Tucker will be looking for a job for the Fall and Winter, most likely in New York city. He is a great actor and we are glad to have him for the Summer and wish him the best.


Bigfork Summer Playhouse – Peyton Tucker – Actor — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, We are volunteering at 9 mile ranger station and we came from Tallahassee Fl. We hope to get up to see you in Damn Yankees on July 22. What shows did you do in Tally? Go Noles!

  2. We love you Peyton! Hope you’ll stop by DC before heading to the big city.