Bigfork Summer Playhouse – Travis Cox – Theatre Tech

Travis Cox (AKA : “T – Cox”), works at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse as a tech, carpenter, and the stage hand for all of the shows.Cox is from Missouri and has worked in Las Vegas, New York, London, Pennsylvania, and also in his home state: Missouri. He grew up on a cattle farm. He has worked at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse for three years now and enjoys coming back as well. Travis is a very outgoing person. He is the first to include someone and is great to talk with because he cracks multiple jokes in the span of a conversation. From his own words he says that he is, “A good ol’ redneck from Missouri, that enjoys art and adventure.” The one thing Travis likes about theatre is working with people from all walks of life to accomplish one awesome goal.  When Cox is finished for the Summer, he plans to help his folks finish their house and get the farm ready.

His goal in life is to eventually run a technical program at a university or a professional theatre.

In his free time, Travis likes to camp, fish, boat, and play sports. We asked if he could sum up his life in one sentence and  this is what he said: “What an awesomely wild ride.”

Travis likes working with Dwayne (stage manager), the actors, the staff, and the community best at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse. He would also like to thank all his friends and family for all their support. And he would like to end this by saying, “I love you Truman.”

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