“The Music Man” – Shining at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse

The Bigfork summer Playhouse is pleased to announce the opening of “The Music Man” on June 19th this summer season. This could possibly be the show that will make you laugh, cry, and make you go, “awww cute.” This show is about a Con man Harold hill who travels to the small town of River City, Iowa to earn his fortune. He decides to convince the town that they need a boys’ band and then plans to run away once the boys have paid for instruments and uniforms. He even claims to be a professor of music. His scheme is moving along perfectly until Harold falls in love with the town piano teacher, Marian. Even though she knows that he’s a con man, she still loves him for the hope that he brought to the town. Harold, on the other hand, is inspired by Marian’s goodness, reveals his secrets to the town and becomes an honest man.


This show is a classic favorite and is sure to be a great show!  Here is an interview with the stars of the show and another interview with the productions staff of the music man!

[note color=”#f6e6a7″]“The music is always there, it’s just waiting to be played.” When a no good con-man appears in small town Iowa to swindle its citizens out of their hard earned savings he does so with ease. But, in the process he also opens their eyes and their hearts as they begin to see life through a new song. That song reminds us as an audience that the music is there, but it is up to us to choose to listen. ~DAN SHARKY, Director [/note]     

Music & lyrics by Meredith Wilson
Book by Meredith Wilson, The Music Man

Directed by Dan Sharky

Choreographed by Tavaan Gamble

Music Directed by Allicia Bullock-Mutt


“The Music Man” – Shining at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse — 2 Comments

  1. Really looking forward to seeing this production when we come July 18th. Had the honor of being in this production as a child through the Bigfork Summer Playhouse and now it will be a joy to be back in the (new) theater in the audience watching this show again – wouldn’t miss it! xoxoxo

  2. Attended the performance last Wednesday night and enjoyed every minute. Have seen THE MUSIC MAN multiple times and this was an outstanding production. Loved the choreography that was integrated into the great music and staging.

    It appeared that the cast was enjoying it as much as those of us in the audience. Thanks for a super show!

    Sue Bonner, Powell, Wyoming