Taavon Gamble – Choreographer

Meet Taavon Gamble, Choreographer at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse! Taavon is the first in this year’s series that highlights members of the 2013 cast and crew. As with each “bio-blog” to follow, Taavon has responded to a series of questions that give us a little more insight into his career in theatre, particularly at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse.

Taavon Gamble — Baltimore, MD

What role(s) do you play at the BSP? This season I’m the choreographer for “Chicago” and “Spamalot.”

How long have you been involved in theatre? I’ve been involved in theatre what seems to be almost my entire life. I started out very early. I attended performing arts schools my whole childhood and was involved in dance very early. I had always wanted to be a choreographer.

I started staging and teaching at a dance studio in Baltimore around the age of 16. Then I went to Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA for college. I graduated in 2008 and within that same year joined Actors’ Equity (the professional actors union), moved to New York and got my first national tour.

Ever since then I’ve been very lucky to consistently keep working. I made the official transition into choreographing in 2009 and have been enjoying it ever since.

How long have you been at Bigfork Summer Playhouse? This will be my third season at Bigfork Summer Playhouse. When “Chicago” opens it will mark my sixth production that I’ve choreographed for the playhouse. My first season was in 2011 where I choreographed “Guys and Dolls” and “The Wedding Singer”. Then I was here last year to choreograph “The Music Man” and “High School Musical.”

Taavon Gamble - Choregrapher for Spamalot and Chicago at the Bigfork Summer PlayhouseI remember getting the call about Bigfork and then finding out that a dear of mine had done a couple seasons there. I sent a message immediately to ask questions of the the place because I really didn’t know Bigfork. She had nothing but great things to say and completely sold me on it and here I am in my third season. I love working for this theatre and the Thomsons.

What is your favorite thing to do in your “off” time while staying in Bigfork? There’s not much “off” time for me while I am here. I am on,y here for the rehearsal period so I’m usually in rehearsals all the time. I don’t get the opportunity to do too many other things unlike the actors once all the shows finally open for the season because I usually leave right after opening night.

I do love going to all the little shops on Electric Avenue. I have my daily visits at Bear Foods to get me going in the morning. And I usually stop at Grille 459 a few times for a dinner or two and Great Northern. I enjoy just being in Bigfork and getting away from city life for bit…it’s refreshing!

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Taavon Gamble – Choreographer — 5 Comments

  1. Looking forward to watching your choreography in Spamalot and Chicago! Have enjoyed all your work in the past!

  2. Very nice article, I have followed Taavon’s career for a longtime. Looking forward to seeing his work again.