Jessica Kaschube – Scenic Artist & Technical Assistant

We continue our series of interviews with the cast and crew of the Bigfork Summer Playhouse. Today we meet Jessica Kashube, enjoying her second year at Bigfork Summer Playhouse!

Jessica Kaschube – Columbia Falls, MT

Jessica Kaschube - Technical Assistant at Bigfork Summer PlayhouseWhat role(s) do you play at the BSP? I am the scenic artist/technical assistant extraordinaire! My main job is to paint all of the scenic elements on stage along with the Charge Artist. This usually involves taking the designers drawings or renderings and applying scenic painting techniques to the units once they are built. Essentially, to quote some of my favorite scenic artists, “we make wood look like wood.” My other duties as technical assistant can range from jumping in to run the spot light for a show run or building a giant stuffed cow.

How long have you been involved in theatre? I got involved in theatre through Missoula Children’s Theatre coming to my elementary school in Columbia Falls in the 3rd grade. My sister had participated in years before me, and it looked like fun.

Jessica KaschubeOver the years, there wasn’t a whole lot of theatre in my life, but I always loved every minute of being on stage or seeing a show. I never really realized it could be a fruitful career option until I started college at Flathead Valley Community College. I started to perform more and dabble in the backstage area, and realized I really enjoyed lighting design and scenic painting. (The photo to right is of me working at Alabama Shakespeare Festival all geared up in a respirator and Tyvec suit to do some theatre cleaning. Sweet!)

After graduating from FVCC, I went on to The University of Montana and decided to focus on a career in technical theatre with a focus on lighting design. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology in 2010 and have been working ever since!!

There are a million reasons why I continue to do theatre, but one that I can think of right now would be what a theatre or performance can bring to a community. The fact that so many strangers can come together in one place and share in a story together has been a reason for me to keep doing what I’m doing. (That’s me in the photo below working on a giant stuffed cow for Spamalot ; )

Jessica Kaschube - Working on BSP Spamalot SetHow long have you been at Bigfork Summer Playhouse? This is my second season with BSP. I have known people who have worked here and always wanted to work here, but the opportunity never arose. Three years ago, my husband (Bryan Kaschube-the lovely lighting designer) was offered a job for the summer, but I was unable to come. The next summer, I made it a priority to come with him and BSP luckily needed a scenic artist/multi-talented person to join the company.

What is your favorite thing to do in your “off” time while staying in Bigfork? I LOVE seeing my family in Kalispell or having them come visit me. In a theatre career, you usually have to go where the jobs are and sadly that means I am not always able to see my family, but places like BSP make it possible for me to work in the arts and visit with my family. Also, Glacier National Park isn’t too bad to see either!

What else would you like to add? Everything that is seen on stage is made or performed with love and a passion beyond measure. Sit back and enjoy the show!

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