Marc McDuff – Musician

Welcome back to Marc McDuff of Pittsford, Vermont! Marc rejoins the Bigfork Summer Playhouse for a second season as percussionist for all five shows. Get to know Marc in his feature post below!

Marc McDuff - Percussionist at Bigfork Summer PlayhouseWhat role(s) do you play at the BSP this season?

I am the Drummer/Percussionist for all five shows this year.

What is your personal history with theatre?
I’ve been doing musical theatre since Middle/High school and I probably do 7 to 8 shows every year (including BSP). My first ever musical was Seussical and I remember that I was completely terrified. I really didn’t know what to expect from musical theater. I came close to quitting the band but fortunately my mother guilt tripped me to stay. I’m internally grateful for her decision because now musical theater is one of my favorite genres to play.

After HS, I played for a couple of musicals at Johnson State College but soon moved to Montana to study under Dr. Robert Ledbetter. While in Missoula I try to do as many musicals as I can both in and outside of the university. The environment and the people I met through the years have inspired me to continue in this field.

Marc_McDuff_3How long have you been at Bigfork Summer Playhouse?

This is my second season at the playhouse. I ended up at BSP through Lizzie Hatfield (who music directed Millie). She hooked me up with an audition and the rest is history.

What is your favorite thing to do in your “off” time while staying in Bigfork?

I really like cruising around Flathead and taking advantage of the Athletic Club.

What are your plans after the BFSP season ends

I will be returning to the University of Montana for my 5th year as I work toward a BA in Percussion and a BA in Digital Media.

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