Tommy Hall – Actor

Tommy Hall - Actor - Bigfork Summer PlayhouseWelcome back, Tommy Hall from Orlando, Florida! Originally with the BSP in 2011, Tommy is back for a second season in 2014! Read all about Tommy and how he found is way to Bigfork and the BSP below.

What role(s) do you play at the BSP this season?

This season I play:

Officer Krupke — West Side Story

Ensemble — Thoroughly Modern Millie

Jungle Citizen — Tarzan

Ethan Girard — Full Monty

What is your personal history with theatre?

My Dad took me to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway when I was 15 and I loved it. I thought “maybe I could do that.” The next year when I was 16, my theatre teacher was holding auditions for Les Mis and my Mom pushed me to audition. I landed Marius but I have been hooked from the original call back for the role.

Since then I’ve worked professionally at local theatres and Theme Parks, and I’ve also had my share of lead and supporting roles in college. I never thought I would do theatre, but then nothing else really captured my attention either. This was something I was good at, I could feel it, and I could see a change in people. I think that’s what motivates me.

Actor Tommy Hall exploring Glacier Park.How long have you been at Bigfork Summer Playhouse?

This is my 2nd season. I was here in 2011 when I played George in the Wedding singer, Arvide in Guys and Dolls, and Ralph Malph in Happy Days the Musical.

I actually drove right through Bigfork on a Cross Country Road trip I took with two of my best friends the summer of 2010. We drove through 36 states in 30 days and passed by here on our way to Glacier. I told them I would come back one day not even realizing there was a theatre here. Then I went to the South Eastern Theatre Conference and got a call back from Bigfork. I hoped and prayed they would hire me … and they did.

What is your favorite thing to do in your “off” time while staying in Bigfork?

I like getting to know the locals and passing tourists — new people are always so interesting. I also like to walk the river rocks and generally, just be outdoors. Being from Florida I’m not used to scenery like this so I tend to go hiking as much as possible in Glacier Park, the Jewel basin, or the Swan Mountains.

Tommy_Hall_Space_MountainWhat are your plans after the BFSP season ends?

Im going to back to Orlando and make my career. I’m sure I’ll end up in NY before too long. I’m currently writing a play about substance abuse in college with my best friend. We have started putting together a Non-Profit Theatre for Social Change and we want our flagship production to tour to different colleges around America and show kids what addiction really looks like.

We’ve already received attention from the Clinton Initiative and are hoping to keep reaching out to people and issues that need us. Kind of playing off one of the earlier questions, this is what drives me — the ability to use art and my gifts to affect a positive change in people’s lives.

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