Yana Dryden – Set Design & Artist

Yana_Dryden_Head_ShotWelcome back, Yana Dryden! Spending her fifth season at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse, Yana is a set designer and artist from Fullerton, CA who makes the stage come alive. Read about Yana below…

What role(s) do you play at the BSP this season?
I am designing the set for Footloose and I am the charge artist for the other shows. (A charge artist leads and oversees the painting of the set.)

How long have you been at Bigfork Summer Playhouse?
This is my 5th year at the BSP.  I love this place it is one of the best experiences I have had!

Yana_Dryden_Photo_2Please share your personal history with theatre.
I started theatre in high school and ultimately earned a BFA in Theatre and Art from the University of Montana.

What is your favorite thing to do in your “off” time while staying in Bigfork?
I love going to Glacier I also like just hanging around the town and the lake.

Yana_Dryden__Photo_3What are your plans after the BFSP season ends?
I’m not sure at this point.

What else would you like to add to your feature that has not been asked?
I really like cats ; )

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