Consider a Donation

Your contributions can make a difference!
Did you know that 85% of each ticket purchased covers just the cost of running the theatre?  That includes paying company member salaries, show royalties, rental of the theatre facility, sets, costumes, props, advertising, insurance and much, much more.

Any additional support and assistance is appreciated to support our goals of making the Theatre by the Bay the
best in Montana!  Scroll below to see some of the projects your donation will support.




How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Friends of the Playhouse
The major task at the moment is to finish paying for the dormitory improvement for Actor and Staff housing during their stay at BSP.  We are about half way to our goal of this all important task.

Playhouse Scholarship Fund
Each year five (5) or more scholarships are given to deserving actors, musicians and technicians.  Last years recipients were:

$1,000.00     Yana Dryden…Set Design/Charge Artist….University of                                                                      Montana   (Missoula)
$1,000.00     Marc McDuff….Percussionist…..University of Montana
$1,000.00     Mary Kate Moore….Actress….Missouri State
University….Springfield, Mo.
$1,500.00   (Dudley Page Memorial Scholarship)     Taylor Aucott….Actor…Elon Universtiy….N.C.

$2,500.00   ((Kacie Brekhus Memorial Shining Star Award)    Mallory King…. Actress…Western Michigan University…Kalamazoo



Giving Tree
We have a ‘giving tree’ in our lobby.  On this costume piece, from a previous production, you will find little slips of paper with items that make the theatre function from day to day and from year to year.  Small items, such as stand lights for the musicians or assorted buttons for the costumers to large items such as LED lighting instruments, smoke machines and sound equipment are all on the giving tree.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and it gives you a chance to specify where you would like to help.   Past years it was the Technicolor Dreamcoat from Our production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and and amazing green dress from My Fair Lady.  Come find out what it will be this season.

Thank you for your support now and over the years.  We strive to bring you the highest quality of live performance and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.  Your donations help us to focus on the important part of live performance, YOU and your enjoyment.  We’ll look forward to seeing you this summer.FLBC_Tue-Toast_June_BF_playhouse 2


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