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Mailing List — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, we would like to know when the Children’s shows are. I can’t find where your website gives the current schedule for Children’s Theater shows. Am I just missing it? Can I get on an email list to be updated for their shows? We LOVE the Children’s shows! However, we were completely disgusted with most of the Adult shows this year. The blatant promotion of the gay lifestyle & profanity was over the top. Especially in Shrek…I hope you noticed all the empty seats after intermission.

    • We try to keep the BPCT shows updated on the Children’s theatre portion of the website. We usually put a quicklink on the home page as well. I’ll try to keep it updated and more prominent.

      We’re sorry you had a bad experience with the summer season last year. We truly didn’t make any changes from the original Broadway production scripts that they sent out. But please know, we have no alternative agendas and are hoping ONLY to give you the best shows and highest quality of entertainment possible.

  2. Hi! I’m planning a trip to Montana in August and was wondering if you had the August schedule available yet. It skips from July to September on my computer when I try to access it. If you could either e mail it or mail it to me I would appreciate it. Thanks! My home address if Janet Lallathin, 728 East Main Street, Barnesville, OH 43713


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